Sea¡¯s the future

From washing machines to Ferraris, from baked beans to petrol, all have been transported by ship.

  • Over 90% of all of the world¡¯s trade is carried onboard ships.
  • Shipping is the most environmentally efficient form of transportation.
  • A career in the international shipping industry is both interesting and very rewarding
  • The marine environment is a significant source of renewable energy

The celebration

Honourable Company of Master Mariners International Maritime OrganizationInternational Maritime Pilots Association

To honour the vital contribution that the shipping industry makes to world trade, on September 27th 2007, the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and the International Maritime Pilots Association, in partnership with the International Maritime Organization, will jointly host a celebration to mark World Maritime Day. The theme chosen by IMO for World Maritime Day 2007 is IMO's response to current environmental challenges. The celebrations will be held onboard the world maritime heritage ship HQS Wellington in London, the premier maritime city.

A number of VIP guests will be visiting the event throughout the day and these will include the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization and the Royal Navy¡¯s First Sea Lord.

The human source changes to the environment are of concern to all. The response of the maritime industry is the major theme of this years celebrations. The maritime industry is ideally placed to respond to those challenges as it is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation and has a major role to play in the generation of renewable energy

  • Sea¡¯s the future for clean, renewable energy generation
  • Sea¡¯s the future for efficient transportation
  • Sea¡¯s the future for a great career